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Centex participates at UAE Innovation Week

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Sharjah Municipality (SM), announced the participation of the Municipality with ”Ma’edat Al Sad”, featuring Centex Mobile Pumping Station in UAE Innovation Week 

Director General of Sharjah Municipality, Mr. Al Tarifi revealed the Municipality’s participation with the “Ma’edat Al Sad” initiative, which is considered to be one of the (SM) Municipality’s top innovations in 2018.  The“Ma’edat Al Sad” initiative is based on the advanced Centex Mobile Pumping Station, which is used remotely in times of crisis to draw rainwater or sewage to deal with any faults and failures in water & wastewater stations. 

The Sharjah Municipality, in corporation with Centex Fluid Products, introduced to the media The Ma’edat Al Sad” initiative in early 2018. Since it’s introduction, the initiative has been a huge success while adding valuable contributions during times of crisis throughout the year.

Centex Mobile Pumping Station consists of a diesel driven Cornell Pump mounted on an all terrain truck. The pumping unit is powered by a 300 HP diesel engine, and is capable of flows of up to 2250 m3/h and maximum pressures of 10 bars, which is enough to drain an olympic swimming pool in less than 1.5 hours! An integrated fuel tank provides 24 hours of continuous unattended operation. The pump’s construction is made from hardened materials which provide excellent service against sewage, sand and other abrasive media, and it is capable of passing solids of up to 120mm in sphere size.   It is worth noting the Centex Mobile Pumping Station was designed and built in less than 30 days thanks to the close cooperation between the factory and Sharjah Municipality. Centex Fluid Products & Cornell Pump Company are very grateful to Sharjah Municipality for giving us the opportunity to partner with them, in order to make this initiative a great success and to better the citizen’s lives of Sharjah UAE. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the (SM) municipality and to support their efforts to make “Ma’edat Al Sad” a model initiative for the entire region.