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40K Muffin Monster Channel

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40K Muffin Monster Channel

Centex Fluid Products is honored to distribute the JWC Envirnomental’s Muffin Monster Line of grinders. The rugged 40K Series Muffin Monster® grinding machine shred most any material capable of disrupting your system. The larger Muffin Monster excels in wet and dry grinding applications. It’s a powerful shredder for large pump stations and large sludge processing systems. It also serves in many industrial applications including fish and beef processing, petroleum, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, and recycling plants.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual shafted sewage or sludge grinder
  • Low-speed, high-torque grinder
  • Available with 7 or 11 tooth hardened steel cutters
  • 5-10 HP (3.7-7.5 kW) energy efficient motors available
  • More capable of grinding large solids than macerators
  • Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification
  • Ease and flexibility of installation
  • Energy saving and efficient motor