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Hydro C

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Centex Fluid Products is honored to offer the JWC Envirnomental’s HYDRO Channel Grinders. JWC’s sewer grinders are used by thousands of towns and cities, nursing homes and hospitals, as well as food processing plants and slaughterhouses. Two rows of sharp, steel cutters rotate slowly and with incredibly high-torque to grind large solids that flow through pumps and pipelines into small particles.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive hardened cutters
  • 7, 11, or 13 tooth cutters
  • Low-speed, high-torque grinder
  • Patented high-flow side rails
  • Fits in all sewage channels and pump stations
  • More powerful and reliable than single shafted communitors
  • Effectively grinds rocks, wood, plastics, and other tough debris
  • Energy efficient motors to save electricity