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Channel Monsters

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Channel Monsters

Centex Fluid Products is honored to distribute the JWC Envirnomental’s Channel Monster Grinder. For pump stations and headworks the Channel Monster® surpasses all existing technologies in terms of performance, reduced costs, and durability. Integrating both rotating screening drums and proven Muffin Monster® grinder technology, the system accommodates high-flows while shredding solids that flow through pumps, pipes and processes into particles. Channel Monsters easily replaces troublesome bar screens and comminutors – helping you cut operating and maintenance costs!

Features and Benefits

  • Dual shafted grinder
  • Standard stainless steel coil construction
  • Custom cutter options
  • Pressure capability to 90 PSI (6 bar)
  • Handles high flow rates including storm flows
  • Capable of handling a wider variety of solids than comminutors
  • Adapts to most existing channel applications
  • Auto load sensing and reversing reduces interrupts