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Monster Manhole

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Centex Fluid Products is honored to offer the JWC Envirnomental’s Monster Manholes. The Monster Manhole makes it easier to install a grinder in sewage lines. This fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) manhole has the exclusive Monster grinder that shreds troublesome solids and eliminates costly pump breakdowns. This new Monster Manhole option makes for a quick installation- simply dig a hole and lower the prefabricated manhole into position in gravity fed sewer lines.

Features and Benefits

  • JWCE exclusive immersible motor
  • Factory installed guide frame/ access
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester manhole
  • Dual shafted Monster grinder provides low-speed and high torque
  • Grinder effectively grinds rags, rocks, plastics, and other debris
  • Customizable to height, pipe size, and top
  • Ease of maintenance- Semi-annual inspections
  • Diverse applications- Sewage lines, hospitals, nursing homes