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Screenings Washers Monster

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Screenings Washers Monster

Centex Fluid Products is honored to offer the JWC Envirnomental’s Screening Washer Monster. The Screenings Washer Monster® (SWM) produces ultra-clean discharge using a patented system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. This self-contained system produces the cleanest and most compact end product of screenings discharge in the industry. With reduced volumes up to 95%, the savings in time and money are greater since less dumpster pick-ups are needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Muffin or Macho Monster dual-shafted grinder
  • Triple zone spray washing
  • Dual-helix auger
  • Patented smart controller
  • Achieve dry solids content up to 50%
  • Switches automatically between 4 cleaning cycles
  • The discharge can be nearly free of fecal content
  • Safety issues and hazardous waste fees are avoided